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在今天’竞争激烈的处理环境,每一分钟都很重要。时间就是金钱,更快的颜色和树脂更换可以最大程度地减少停机时间和  reduce scrap and waste to give processors a competitive advantage to optimize current business as well as win new business. Paying close attention to 的 care and condition of your screw and barrel can yield dividends for processors.

It’很难弥补螺钉或枪管磨损的缺点,因此,维护设备至关重要。挤出或注射过程中使用的螺杆和机筒通常是理所当然的。通常要牺牲常规的预防性维护(PM)来满足当前的需求,而在满足短期需求的同时,推迟维护的长期影响可能会破坏您的业务。一种手段 of improving the PM of both screw and barrel is 的 regular use of a high-quality commercial purging compound (CPC).

螺杆和机筒制造商 美国Reiloy has a 预防性维护手册 处理器可以将其用作构建PM程序的参考指南。它 highlights some of 的 many factors that influence 的 length of time and degree of wear on your screw and barrel systems, such as:

 •  Type of plastic—is 它像PVC一样具有腐蚀性,或者由于玻璃或矿物填料而具有磨蚀性?

 •  Type of alloy used to construct 的 screw and barrel.

 •  Presence or absence of a hardened coating on 的 screw.

 •  Process settings—temperature 范围,rpm,压力。

 • 螺钉与枪管的对准,适当的间隙和校准频率。

It’s difficult to compensate for 的 shortcomings of a worn screw or barrel, so maintaining your equipment is vital.

A structured, disciplined PM program will measure 的 life of 的 screw, barrel and valve for 的 resins being processed. Every PM program should include educating employees to understand 的 different types of wear and 的 causes of that wear, plus instructions for measuring wear and guidelines for when to repair or replace components.


When running mostly reinforced resins, a PM program should be set up for inspecting every six months until wear trends have been established for 的 screw, barrel, and valve. A PM program when running unfilled resins should be set up on an annual basis until 的 wear trends are established. When it is known how long a screw, barrel and valve should last in a given process, steps can be taken to make sure repairs or replacements can be made in a timely manner to reduce or eliminate downtime.

Understanding 的 wear on a component also provides 的 opportunity to make design changes so that replacements will run longer. PM programs provide 的 opportunity to track component wear life and help explain variations in a process over time. As components wear, most likely changes will be seen in one or more of 的 following areas: overall cycle times (standards), scrap rates, electric consumption and downtime.

清洗螺丝和机筒 Abrasive screw wear as shown in 的se two images will at some point negatively impact throughput. Implement a sound PM plan that includes using commercial purging compounds can help extend 的 life of 螺丝 and barrels.


怎么样 Purging Fits in


Utilizing a commercial purging compound (CPC) to clean 的 screw and barrel before pulling will greatly increase 的 efficiency of 的 screw-pull process.

正确的清洗剂可以延长螺杆和机筒的使用寿命,并帮助您加快生产过程中的颜色和树脂过渡。技术上合格的CPC供应商可以与加工商合作,以将合适的树脂等级与树脂,温度和工艺类型相匹配以获得最佳性能。彻底消除积碳(黑色斑点),颜色,树脂,填料和其他残留物对于提高生产率以及维护螺丝和机筒至关重要。对于 在停机期间,您可以确定一个热稳定的CPC,它将密封您的系统并防止发生氧化。这样可以防止在启动和处理过程中出现黑点。

清洗螺丝和机筒 CPC旨在去除树脂,颜色,污染物和积碳。如图所示,在空转设备之前,请务必去除腐蚀性和填充性树脂,以避免腐蚀磨损。
Some advantages of using a high-quality CPC for maintaining your screw/barrel include 的 following:

 • 商业清洗化合物旨在去除树脂,颜色,污染物和碳沉积物。 (Reiloy USA建议在空转设备之前始终去除腐蚀性和填充性树脂。)

 • 一些CPC对金属的亲和力很低,因此消除效果更好。

 •  Some CPCs are 的rmally stable 因此非常适合停机和密封,以最大程度地减少氧化。

 • 有些每次点击费用会降温和收缩。这将有助于将任何堆积的材料和碳从金属表面上拉走。定期执行此操作可防止堆积,并有助于避免不必要的螺钉拉动以进行手动清洁。

 •  Some CPCs are designed to expand into 的 negative flow areas of your process, removing residual material that’当使用再生料或树脂在材料或颜色之间转换时,通常会留下痕迹。

 •  Typically, CPCs are a better value for purging than virgin or regrind. This is due to 的ir greater effectiveness and 的 relatively limited amount required to clean 的 system. A net lower “cost-to-purge” is achieved.

Processors can extend 的 lifespan of 的ir capital equipment and capture significant improvements in productivity by implementing recommendations from 的ir screw and barrel provider for regular PM, coupled with routine use of a high-quality CPC designed for 的ir specific needs.

About 的 Authors:

兰迪·怀斯 has been in 的 plastics industry for 35 years, 28 of 的m with 美国Reiloy (以前是Westland),堪萨斯州玉米, 使用OEM和处理器帐户。联系方式:800-247-1144; [email protected]; reiloyusa.com.

鲍勃·格热格里克 is global technical services manager for 的 舒曼塑料的Dyna-Purge部门。他是科学注塑成型的门徒,已经完成了RJG Technologies和John Bozzelli的广泛课程工作。 Grzegorek的早期职业生涯是为定制注塑商Ethyl Molded 产品展示和Jones Plastics and Engineering,以及汽车一级供应商GECOM工作。他还曾在Newell Rubbermaid,Reflex和Allen Extruders担任工厂经理一职。联系方式:317-600-9861; [email protected]; shuman-plastics.com.